Laundry Doesn’t Have to Take All Day


Laundry in 1 hour or Less

New machines that fill, extract, & spin very fast! This allows for a quicker much more-efficient wash & much better clean.

  • Fast Wash & Drying Times
  • Most loads Dry for $.50-.75 Cents
  • Laundry Doesn’t Have to Take ALL DAY!

Most Loads Dry for .50-.75 Cents!

Since you’re items are nearly spun dry, follow the instructions on the dryer & your load should dry for $.50-.75 cents.

  • Follow the Orange Dryer Instructions
  • Humidity Sensors Allow for a Perfect Dry
  • It only takes about 16 Minutes per Load!

Free Pre-Wash Sanitize Rinse

We offer a FREE sanitize cycle at every store! Select the cycle, wait 1 minute, and you’re good to go.

  • Use it Before You Load Your Items & Soap
  • Rinses the Soap Compartments & Washer Drum
  • It only takes 1 Minute!

Clean Stores with FREE Wifi!

Stay connected while you wait. There is complimentary WiFi at our stores. Check in store signage to get started.

  • FREE WiFi for Our Customers
  • Stay Connected While You Wait
  • New & Clean Stores!

Sign Up for Eco Rewards and Save Even More!

Check machine availability before you come in, pay & start machines right from your phone, automatically get reward points and cash back for loading money to your account.

  • Up to 21% Discount off Our Already Low Prices
  • 10-15% Bonus Just For Adding Value to Your Account
  • Additional 6% Bonus With Every Dollar Spent