the 1 Hour-a-Week Laundry System

Let’s face it. Laundry ain’t all that fun to do!

Being in the laundry business, we’ve been around our fair share of washers and dryers. With so much experience under our belts, it was time to simplify. Hence why we created the 1 Hour-a-Week Laundry System!


Stay Organized

Laundry happens. By having your items ready to go, it’s less of a chore.

  • Have Designated Baskets or Hampers for Laundry Day
  • Keep Soaps, Detergents, & Other Items in a To Go Bag

Pick a Day

What day / time works for you? find the day and time, clean from there.


Get a Rhythm

Like your new routine? Great, get in the groove!

  • Fast Wash Times & Giant Machines Make Laundry Easy
  • Do ALL Your Laundry at Once & Most Loads Dry for $.50-$.75!