Eco Rewards

– Up to 21% Discount off Our Already Low Prices
– 10-15% Bonus Just For Adding Value to Your Account
– Additional 6% Bonus With Every Dollar Spent

1. Download the Free App & Make an Account!


2. Add Value to Your Account

Add money to your account through a variety of different options… on the app, or in-store at the machine or kiosk if available. Watch this helpful video that will walk you through each option!

3. Request $10 Bonus Credit

Your Eco Rewards account must be set up with a minimum of $10 added on the account in order to receive the $10 credit. If you have not already set up an account, please return to step 1. We will add $10 to your account within 24-48 hours. Thanks and Happy Laundry!

    *Account Must be Setup Before Request

    Helpful videos to get you started with your Rewards Account.

    How to Sign Up

    How to Add Value

    How to Start a Machine